The Luigi Mauri Srl Company

Our company was founded in the early 1950s, when our father, Luigi Mauri – just returned to freedom after years of imprisonment at the end of the Second World War – decided to open a first small workshop for the production of turned parts, putting to good use the experience gained in German companies where he worked as a specialised technician.

Luigi Mauri Staff

This experience allowed him to learn new production techniques and taught him to keep up with the times and the evolution of technology.

His propensity to take on challenges – passed on to us children – led him to always face new demands and to meet the needs of customers with enthusiasm and expertise, using new materials and processes able to develop increasingly complex details/products.

Several decades later, this personal and professional heritage has allowed us to remain competitive in a constantly evolving market. It has also enabled us to partner with our customers by offering our know-how as a form of help and support during design phases and when making shared decisions on the right production technique to achieve the best possible result.